Frequently Asked Questions


Can you produce a video for our upcoming event that would appeal to potential donors who might be unfamiliar with our organization? 

Absolutely, that's what we're best at!  We realize the amount of time available to gain the trust of a potential donor is limited, especially at a fundraising event.  Our films are designed to give your audience a real sense of your organization's purpose in a short amount of time and give them the comfort of knowing that their donation is in good hands.   

How long are the films?  I'm concerned about maintaining an audiences attention.

Most of the projects we do range between 5 and 15 minutes.  However, we can produce content of any length necessary, including feature length films.  We work closely with our clients to make the film fit within the constraints of its intended purpose.  However, we don't believe in using a clock to determine the length of the finished edit.  We believe a properly edited film of any length will acheive its objectives without ever losing an audience's attention.

How much does it cost?  

Since each film is so unique we encourage setting up a phone call or meeting to discuss the details for an accuarate quote.  We try to make our services affordable and available to as many groups as possible.  However, the time and talent needed to complete each project must be factored in.  In general our prices are usually neither on the high or low end, they usually fall somewhere in the middle for a comparable production.  For estimates please contact Jack Creamer at or at 303.725.6672

Will I be able to use the video on my website, social media, and emails?

Absolutely!  We will convert and optimize the  finished product for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, your website, or virtually any other platform.  All necessary licenses for music or stock footage will be cleared in advance for you to use the film forever without having to pay additional royalties.

What is the process? How do we get started?

First give us a call and lets talk about your project.  Our next step is to visit your organization, get to know who you are, and find out what you do in depth.  We like to brainstorm with our clients on what should be included in the film, identify who might be featured, and provide our own input on what would make an effective film for your non-profit.   In general, we plan on a couple of weeks of shooting to get the things we'll need.  If you already have an upcoming event date on your calender, calling us a few months out is always best.  The more time we have, the better the film will be!

Is Filmraising a non-profit?

No, Filmraising is not a non-profit.  However, plans are in the early stages of development for creating the Filmraising Foundation - a 501c3 charity that will distribute grants to filmmakers producing films that share the Filmraising mission, produce films for non-profits working on a limited budget, and promote the content through a yearly film festival.

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