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Our Mission

We specialize in creating documentary style films for non-profits that raise awareness, support, and funds for your organization's unique cause or mission.

“I wanted to create a company that could make a real difference… that would create films that could give a voice for organizations that do great work.” –  Jack Creamer / Filmraising founder

The Filmraising Difference

Filmraising produces documentary style unscripted short films that can authentically represent your organization's mission by connecting the stories, lives, and voices that make your message unique.

Our films are not simple video brochures for your organization - they serve as a fundamental tool that connects and relates with your audience on a human level.

Our Style

We work very hard to dial in a polished look and feel that presents our clients in a "real" way that doesn't seem rehearsed, too perfect, or insincere. We love unscripted heartfelt stories that supplement your message in a subtle way and won't take away from your message or ask.





Our films are structured to engage viewers immediately, tell your story, and finish strong with an emotional finale that ties everything together - leaving your audience with a lasting and powerful impression.

Five minutes can feel like 20 minutes without proper editing. Pacing is a critical and challenging aspect of our process.  We realize no matter how compelling the content, the final product must move at a watchable pace while still maintaining the integrety of the message.   Natural dialogue is essential. We take great care in having it feel organic, real, and unrehearsed. Interview audio is broken down into ideas, reactions, sentences, and sometimes even single words – then edited back together into concise, authentic, and heartfelt tools for storytelling.

Our goal is to make the audience unaware of the length of the film, and never give them a reason to glance at their watch!

Documentary Scoring Session for "Programming Hope"


We use high quality music that enhances your story with a cinematic feel.  We find just the right tracks that set the story's mood. We also work with a number of musicians and composers which allows us options to offer a completely custom score for your project.





Heart & Humor

Obviously we want our films to look good. But more importantly, we want them to feel good.  Many of our films deal with topics that can be quite emotional.  Keeping that in mind, we always look for elements that will give your audience an unexpected laugh or smile.



All crews that work on Filmraising projects come from professional backgrounds in documentary film, broadcast television and the music industry.  Many are award winning journalists who have diverse expererience within the highest levels of television, music and film. 


"From Hope to Houston" - A short film follows up on the feature length documentary "Programming Hope" which featured the nonPareil Institute - a non-profit tech company that trains and employs adults with autism.  This short film updates the accomplishments of nonPareil's second campus in Houston.  

"Little Sisters of the Poor" - A short film to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Denver's Mullen Home for the Aged. Although somewhat longer than most, this is a good all encompassing example of what we do.

"Heartlight Center" - Film used by Denver's Heartlight Grief Counseling Center for their annual fundraising event.

"Programming Hope" - Extended trailer for the feature length documentary about the nonPareil Institute, a non-profit that trains and employs adults on the autism spectrum to design video games.  

"CII" - A short produced open for the annual conference of the Construction Industry Institute, a non-profit that conducts research and shares best practices among construction industry leaders.


Jack Creamer

Executive Producer/Director

Jack Creamer is a documentary filmmaker and the Executive Producer and founder of Filmraising   His most recent film “Programming Hope” documents the story of the nonPareil Institute – a non-profit technology company that trains and employs adults with autism to create, design, and code video games.  The film was screened across the country and was an official selection of the 2017 New Filmmakers Los Angeles Docuslate Festival, the 2017 Golden Door Film Festival, and was nominated “Best Documentary Feature” at the 2017 NMFLA Awards in Los Angeles.

The film's authentic depiction of the organization resonated with audiences, and became a valuable tool in nonPareil's successful efforts to expand around the country. His desire to replicate that experience for others resulted in the idea for Filmraising - an experienced and reasonably priced media production company specializing in services for non-profit organizations looking to promote themselves.

His career began almost 30 years ago as a Sports Photographer and Producer/Editor for local television stations in Texas and Colorado.  While covering professional sports, his work gravitated toward human interest stories both on and off the field.  In 2003 he left local television to launch his own company Click! Productions. Click! Productions which eventually became Creektree Films, produced several weekly television programs for sports networks, developed a handful of television pilots, but more importantly produced many award winning videos and commercials for various non-profit organizations. 

As a broadcast journalist, he has been honored with numorous awards and nominations including an Emmy for his work as an editor.

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